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Synergy in Circulation Software
mnadis™ (pronounced 'nar-dis') is an acronym for: -
magazine newspaper advanced distribution information system

It is a circulaton software system specifically designed for newspaper and magazine publishers, wholesalers or circulators. Essentially these are organisations that circulate a large range of newspaper and magazine titles through a supply chain to retail customers within one or more geographical areas. A typical mnadis™ customer might circulate 3500 titles to 2000 retailers.

News is the most perishable of products and reliability, accuracy and performance are the key factors for any circulation system.

The circulation software handles all aspects of news circulation and distribution from order planning through to processing of returns. The system is totally issue based with barcode recognition throughout. The system is designed totally for use on the Internet and this is perfect for compatibility with other members of the news circulation supply chain.


  • Scalable from the smallest to the largest circulation requirement
  • Internet technology provides flexible deployment options
  • High performance transactions maximise warehouse throughput
  • Standard components provide low cost of ownership and make it 'future-proof'
  • Standard tools will increase circulation
  • Standard tools will identify and minimise waste
  • Internet technology allows supply chain synergy
For a full set of features checkout the mnadis™ overview or download it in PDF format.
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